Thursday, November 1, 2012



Welcome to my blog! This blog is designed for my online (internet) activity. This basically narrows it down to a few things. The one thing that I have enjoyed while being online since 1996, is chatting on the program mIRC.

This blog will have a great deal to do with my 'IRC Life' & in more particular, the chat network called DALnet. I will be adding a variety of help documents & such for users, and will have links to everything you'd need to learn, survive, and strive on the DALnet chat network.

To the left, you'll notice a bunch of #channels that are located on DALnet; but also, located on just about every chat network that is used to this day. These #Channels are called the mIRC favorites. They're also called a variety of other names, such as the favorites, defaults, etc. They are the #channels that are preset when you download mIRC. The very first time you'll connect to IRC using the mIRC client, you will get a popup box.. you guessed it! Containing these #channels!

There are 80 of them in total. Some have been around since the very beginning, others have been around for less time. With these #channels, you'll also notice who the founder is, what day they were created, a link to their website (if they have one), and anything extra will be under 'extra info'. These channels all range in users, some sit completely empty, while others you'll see 100+ users. The more popular of them are #Allnitecafe, #Chat-World, #ChatZone, & #WorldChat. Each of these #channels are under their own management, and I have nothing to do with a majority of them, therefore, please do not ask me question(s) related to bans, etc. I won't be able to help you.

You'll also notice links to DALnet's various official channels, the staff, etc.

Again, I've been on IRC since 1996, and DALnet has always been one of the more popular networks. Nowadays, it sits at around 11,000 to 15,000 users. It is no longer one of the more popular, however, it's still very socialable, and hopefully continues to be around for years to come.

I hope that my blog helps you in some way. There will be updates for mIRC here, as well as links to get to the mIRC website, forums, etc.

Thanks for taking a moment to check out my blog, I hope you enjoy it! I just think with all the people I have met through IRC over the years, this was something I should have done years ago.. but we'll give it a try now!

Upcoming Outlook:

Yet To Be Done:
1. Will update everything on the site before switching it over to the new website account I purchased.
2. DALnet Help Documents
3. Link to download mIRC
4. JmIRC material
5. link for #Nohack & virus material.
6. Section for important news on DALnet.
7. About me section (of course!)

There may be more then that as well, we'll see. I finally did get the mIRC favorites list done!